Gaslands – My Introduction to the Apocalypse

Flash back to last decade, December 2019. I know, I know.. it’s a long time ago but let us stick together here for a moment and dream of those days long since forgotten.

I’m killing time and my life / soul on Facebook perusing through the various tabletop gaming groups that I am a member of. Usual thing passing my timeline until magic strikes me… BOOM!

I see an old Chevy Nova dressed up like a Max Mad movie. Turns out the artist is the f’n bomb and it’s a Hot Wheels with background scenery and everything.

From that moment I was hooked. Crafting + gaming? I never got caught into the Warhammer world and most of my D&D playing nowadays is with my kid and very minimal rules or actual gameplay. More me telling her epic stories and making her the hero of the story every time. Dad shit. Good times.

We’re off to the apocalyptic races! So here is the skinny on Gaslands the Game. Mars has basically taken over Earth and fucked it up hard, real hard. Most have left but some remain for various reasons. What else are you going to do on a planet that looks like a burned out junkyard? Race cars to the death of course!

I played Car Wars in the 80s. It was fun at the time. Hell, they even have a Kickstarter that just recently funded. The lust for carnage on the pavement is here. Add in the ability to “make your character” in the guise of customizing Hot Wheels you really have a double-headed dragon of underworld magic to behold.

Well shit, we just done jumped the shark here! Gaslands cascaded into a crafting apocalypse of it’s own. Now considering my work with Dungeons and Puppets I have a TON of shit already here. All those little things you take for granted I already have X number of. That helps.

But I didn’t have a 3d printer, and now we do. The Ender 3d Pro and I’ll do a review of this amazing machine later in the week. It’s awesome for someone just getting into 3d printing with a low purchase price and high ease of use. Will it last forever? Nah, I’m a hobby freak. Right now though it is the bees knees and we’re enjoying it to the max.

The print resolution is more than what we need for scenery and weapons printing. I’m sure if we were doing detailed D&D miniatures we would hit the wall much faster but I’m planning that for Round 2 of our 3d printing madness. It is also a lot of fun to expose my kid to technology usually seen at school assemblies or after school tech/science programs. She has the world at her fingertips right here at home.

Even tonight we took a quick printing break from Gaslands and knocked out a Hogwarts bookmark. Why? Because we can. Hell she has a dozen from Barnes & Noble already but since it came from “Daddy’s Office” it gives it bonus meaning. Parenting win due to Gaslands, ohhhhh yeah!

We have our first few cars nearing completion now. We have not really followed the rules and are just making these first two for the hell of it and to learn the process. If we can fit them into a one of the sponsor teams from the game, cool. If not we will both survive and have two awesome looking cars.

The time I’m spending with the kid hunting for cars, customizing them, and just having a little fun together is something no price can be put on. Thanks to Mike for creating this game, we’re hooked!



A rock and roll crafting fool. 15+ years working with puppets. Addicted to Gaslands and D&D.

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