Gaslands First Car Duo Complete!

You saw some pics of the kids first Gaslands car the other month but I never showed mine. Today that changes!

We still have to do some final details on both cars and then matte coat them but they’re officially superglued back together.

I present, “Earl Schieb Orange” aka an homage to the old school 99$ paint job shops we used to all take our cars to in the 80s and early 90s.

Gaslands is a crazy amount of fun.

We’re in love with this game at the house now and it’s spawning so many good “side quests” in the process of it all.

  1. Time to spend with the kid. Always huge value there
  2. Learning and teaching 3D Printing
  3. Painting skills leveling up

Truthfully I could list 20 items if I wanted to get granular but it’s ok I’ll pass for now. Hey here are a couple more pics of Earl Schier Orange in action (or inaction since the wheels are superglued in place!)

It comes off incredibly gritty and textured in the pics. To some degree it is but the photos are just upping the crime and grime levels here and I’m totally OK with that!

I had a lot of fun messing around with my first ever painted miniature / hot wheels and I’m excited for what comes next. Well, I know what’s next we already have a truck that we’re working on and a case of 70+ cars to choose from for next projects.

Now if only I had more TIME for Gaslands I would be a happy boy. With work, the looming Coronavirus madness, and now home schooling due to said virus time for projects like this is not as apparent. It will settle back in with due time and I’ll keep everyone updated on my next Gaslands creation.

Don’t forget none of this is possible without the Gaslands game created by Mike Hutchinson. Pick up a copy of the rulebook and get cracking!



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