First Gaslands Vehicle rolls off the assembly line

Patient Zero. Our first Gaslands build. I shouldn’t really say MY first Gaslands build because it totally is not. This one is the kids and she is super excited to share it with the world. Did I help along the way? Of course. But this one is 100% designed and thought up by the kid and she learned how to use some new tools along the way.

  • How to use a vice
  • Scraping a cars paint to give it “crash damage”
  • creating something from nothing (front bumper is toothpicks)
  • basic painting techniques
  • dry brushing

I’m sure there were other lessons along the way that she picked up. Her artistic mojo is certainly there so it’s awesome to know the time and energy we spent together on this project is appreciated. She didn’t do certain parts like drilling out rivets and supergluing. But I mean hey, who wants to give their 7yo a tube of superglue and hope for the best? Not me!

You can read up on the initial story of our getting into Gaslands here.

Not only did she get crazy, the personal style and sparkle was ever present as I would expect from her. A little gold sparkle on the machine gun drums and rear bumper, and some sparkle blue paint on the nitrous bottles on the trunk.

She still has a few modifications she wants to make. For instance, she wants to dent the windshield mesh to look like this mustang has taken out some baddies, be them zombies or bad people. I don’t think she cares who the victims were as long as her apocalyptic vehicle of destruction wins the race.

There ya have it people. Her first Gaslands vehicle! I’m pretty sure I have created a monster because we have bought upwards of 70 cars now to build. Probably enough cars for the next year or more but when they’re a buck a pop it’s always hard to say no to something cool.

Some of the bits I did on the 3D Printer, some were just craft materials, and the guns and wheels came from Mike at Creepy Hero Games on Etsy.

You all understand that already though I’m sure!

Happy Carnage fellow Gaslanders.



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