Doubling Down Into Gaslands

Let’s start off with the brass tax my friends… Gaslands is a f’n awesome game. Not only as a TTRPG but as a crafter. I know people love miniatures for D&D, Warhammer 40k, Bloodbowl, and a bunch of other games. Gaslands? It’s like the holy grail for me.

Cars, ok I grew up in the 70s/80s and while my mother threw out all of my childhood toys because it took up space she wanted for her, they’re still readily available just about everywhere for a buck a shot. So, getting a base of vehicles is cake.

Greenlight Kings of Crunch tire set

Custom parts? You can use anything. Hell, I’m building a tower right now out of a soup can mixed with some 3D printed parts. The options are limitless. You do have an envoy of 3D printers on Etsy offering bags of bits from weapons to wheels and everything in between as well if you can’t print your own. Cost can be from $2 to $20 depending on what you are looking for. I’ve placed $20 orders and received treasure troves of guns, wheels, rams, when I first started playing.

The game itself. You can play it with stock hot wheels on the floor. Use sneakers as a course. It doesn’t matter. Your imagination is taking you to the post-apocalyptic wasteland as it is so who is to say SneakerTown doesn’t become a thing in the future.

Lately I have been upgrading the way we play. From crappy cut out paper templates (that for 100% free did work absolutely perfectly and all available to download at the Gaslands website) to these gorgeous laser cut and etched wonders from Thomas Wynn Studio for the dice and movement templates and Warped Mind Games for the Dropped Weapon Templates. Both awesome sellers and I linked their names to the respective Etsy shops so you can get the same great quality bits for more Gaslands carnage if you choose.

I’ve been working on Dashboard templates lately. Something to release on my own in the near future. I’m planning to do them properly with full print / laminate and make them dry erase style. Possibly an Etsy shop of my own in the near future, we’ll see.



A rock and roll crafting fool. 15+ years working with puppets. Addicted to Gaslands and D&D.

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