Cradle of Aviation Arcade Age Exhibit

Retro gaming fanatics I have a treat for you…

It’s back! This past week during Spring Break I took the kid over to Cradle of Aviation for the 2020 Arcade Age Exhibit. It wasn’t a hard sell at all, she loves retro gaming so a quick ‘YES i’m getting ready now!’ and we were off to the races. Mark this day off as a giant victory for Daddy bringing her to play some classic games.

This year, oh man. They kicked it up a notch and increased both the overall size / area being used for the Arcade Age Exhibit but they also added a ton of machines over last year.

Including my personal favorite… PINBALL!

Only 8 or so pinball machines but it was more than enough to get the pinball fever spiking in the middle of the afternoon.

The Arcade Age Exhibit Skinny

Right about now you are thinking to yourself, “Man, this is going to cost an arm and leg..” and I’m here to tell you it’s a STEAL at $10 a ticket. They were open 11am to 5pm the day we went. Arrived around 12:30 and stayed until 3pm+ and it was not too busy.

Limited Engagement – February 15 through April 19
Weekends (and School Breaks) 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Very little of the “waiting on line” that we will undoubtedly experience this summer when the full blown LI Retro Gaming festival hits the same location. For that event, it’s the entire venue overtaken.

Today is was the 2nd floor, overlooking the main museum area. So not only did we get to play amazing retro games, we got to see cool planes and flying contraptions while playing them! Win-win.

When you are let through the ropes there are some stand up boards depicting the history of video games. Then you have about 1/2 a dozen games in the first area.  From there, you enter “the tunnel” which is a classically inspired no light hallway where the games provide the ambiance. It’s awesome.

This time the back wall was open to the platform area on the other end where they kept the pinball, fighting games, and a bunch of sports games (and the classic NARC) among others. Great layout and the additional space made it such a great value.

Game Selection was pretty awesome this time around. They are making a lot of effort here for the exhibit and it shows in a big way. Huge shout out of thanks to everyone on Long Island and the surrounding area that are coming here to Cradle of Aviation to make the Arcade Age Exhibit something very special.

Without their hard work, where would I take my kid to check out classic video games?

It’s not like the Round 1’s and Dave & Busters of the world cater to the retro gamer at all. If anything they go the completely opposite direction as far as games go. It’s ok, they have their place and are fun too, but I’ll take Galaga over an over processed arcade shooter or dance game any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

Machine quality overall is pretty damn high. Some of these games are 40 years old. Considering that the condition is freakin’ fantastic!

The occasional pinball getting stuck and I would gently give a shake or lift. I love these machines so I’m not going to be hulk-smashing them anytime soon. We did that back in the day as kids and learn as we get old 🙂 Much like our OWN bodies, these machines require that gentle touch lol.

They’re open every weekend and during school breaks. Next big break is in April and you can bet we will be there again and I will take a LOT more pics.

Check out the full details on the Cradle of Aviations Arcade Age Exhibit page. Hope to see you there rocking the games and having fun.



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