Back In The Swing of Things

It’s been a fun albeit different summer this year. Living in the COVID-19 universe where vacations are not happening it has been a ton of bike riding with friends and family. 

What it has done is give me time to clean out the office/craft area, get the 3D printer back up and running, buy a few new hot wheels for me and the kid, and just generally get back into Gaslands and crafting.

Craft Room

It's also given me time to contemplate what I do online. Changing Dungeons and Puppets (and more..) to Dark Order Crafts.

It was a big decision, but had underlying circumstances:

  1. Dungeons and Puppets was just ONE of 3-4 websites I was maintaining over my crafting, puppetry, and gaming fixations.
  2. I’m trying to build content on a few platforms, each with their own social media profiles.
  3. Work (in the real world) has been busy and exhausting lately, and I need an outlet without having to think about much.
  4. I don’t want to be in 10 places at once.
  5. Paying for social media tools I never use, domains I don’t build on, etc. It has become a bit of an addiction.

So as you can see. I’m torn, overwhelmed, and not enjoying anything I have been doing online lately.

A big thing for me is including my daughter. We had this name thought out a year ago and did nothing with it. Made a different logo and just added to the list of things we never did. After a bit of a chat we both agreed on spending time on ONE site. No news (I had a gaming site.. who hasn’t heard that before lol) and all things I have fun doing.

So here we are. 4-5 months into lockdown, I could have done something specific but instead it became an introspective journey.

I’m ok with that. In the long run it’s about enjoying the time I spend doing these things in my non-work, non-family, free time. It’s not a job but I know the direction I want to sail this ship. I have decades of experience to share building / crafting and just never really harnessed the voice I want to give out.

In the end, that voice is just me being me. One person, one site, all the marbles in one place.

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my chest and I just can focus on what I enjoy.



A rock and roll crafting fool. 15+ years working with puppets. Addicted to Gaslands and D&D.